documenting and sharing our Buddhist tradition

Clear Vision Trust is a registered charity which seeks to create inspiring visual media that communicates the Buddhist vision and help support the Triratna Buddhist Community. We hope to make the Buddha-Dharma available to everyone, everywhere!


We have produced a series of highly acclaimed programmes for schools, for children aged 4-16, which are available on DVD complete with teacher’s handbooks, as well as online interactive materials.

We also run the school visits service for the Manchester Buddhist Centre, and welcome over 2,000 students every year!
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We maintain a substantial Triratna image archive, giving a potted history of a worldwide movement, as well as many more general Buddhist imagery photographs and paintings, the vast majority of which are available to buy as downloadable images.

Among our collection we have Sangharakshita’s personal archive, Triratna through the decades, and Contemporary Buddhist Art

Film Production

From the 80s onwards, we have produced many videos which aim to document the teachings and development of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

We have over 1500 talks, documentaries and interviews available to watch for free online!

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We curate all sorts of video from around the Triratna Buddhist Community, enabling people around the Triratna world to share what they’re doing and what is inspiring them.

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We curate videos from around Triratna Buddhist Community

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Video featured: ‘The Enlightened Englishman’

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We curate all sorts of video from around the Triratna Buddhist Community, enabling people around the Triratna world to share what they’re doing and what is inspiring them.

If you wish to stay tuned to our NewsBytes and other handpicked videos from around the movement do subscribe to our regular mail out.

Keepers of History

In the early 1990s Sangharakshita handed over to us his extensive collection of photographs; a visual history of his time as a young Bhikkhu in 1950s India, amongst his teachers and spiritual friends, through to the beginning of a new Western Buddhist movement taking shape in 1960s and 70s Britain.   

This collection also documents the growth of this movement through the 1980s and 90s. 

Always a lover and appreciator of art, our archive also contains many beautiful Buddhist imagery that Sangharakshita acquired during his travels, as well as more recent Western art which seeks to give Western Buddhism its own artistic expression and style.

As a video project, Clear Vision has produced hours of video material, featuring interviews and talks by Sangharakshita and various other Order members, documentaries covering a wide range of Buddhist life, from the work of the Karuna Trust and Clear Visions meetings with the much celebrated and loved Dhardo Rimpoche. 

Featured Album here: Sangharakshita’s Teachers

Support Us

A small group of ordained Buddhists with audio/visual and educational skills, is no doubt a rare thing.

We think video and interactive media have the power to communicate something of great importance in new and exciting ways, especially to young people.

But sharing these Buddhist values with an audience costs money!

As a registered charity we depend upon the generosity of Buddhists and all those who value our work.

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You can also join Clear Vision’s Collaborative Network, providing us with footage which will go to broaden and deepen our content.

With just a little of your help, we could do so much more!   


We want Clear Vision’s work to be put together through the collaborative efforts of many people; sangha members, Order members and mitras, from all around the world, using audio-visual media to create something that inspires all of our spiritual lives.

Think about how you, your Going For Refuge group, your Chapter, your study group, or your whole sangha can contribute. Keep us in mind for documenting events, and always feel free to email us with any ideas or suggestions at and share with us at Dropbox!


We are the holders of a substantial image archive, some of which needs cataloging and organising, so that we can preserve our history and continue to offer access to quality Buddhist imagery

Filming & Producing

As you probably have a filming device in your pocket these days, you have the means to be a Clear Vision reporter! Become an eye witnessing whatever’s happening in your local situation, being in as many places as possible and by sharing our diverse and international movement

Translating & transferring

We would like whatever we produce to be available to as many people as possible in their own language. Translating and subtitling helps the message of the Dharma reach out further. We also obviously have an ever growing video archive, some of which needs transferring from older formats to newer, so that the video content can be preserved and used in new production

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Manchester Buddhist Centre
16-20 Turner Street
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