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documenting and sharing our Buddhist tradition

Sadly, Clear Vision Trust has now closed permanently. Thank you for your support over the nearly 30 years of our work.


Some of our resources are now available at


The video and photographic archives are being taken on by the Urgyen Sangharakshita Trust who will oversee the completion of this work. The photographic archive now resides at and the video archive is now at

Film Production

We have over 1500 talks, documentaries and interviews available to watch for free online!

Visit our Vimeo and YouTube channels or our new website

Keepers of History

In the early 1990s Sangharakshita handed over to us his extensive collection of photographs; a visual history of his time as a young Bhikkhu in 1950s India, amongst his teachers and spiritual friends, through to the beginning of a new Western Buddhist movement taking shape in 1960s and 70s Britain.   

This collection also documents the growth of this movement through the 1980s and 90s. 

Always a lover and appreciator of art, our archive also contains many beautiful Buddhist imagery that Sangharakshita acquired during his travels, as well as more recent Western art which seeks to give Western Buddhism its own artistic expression and style.

As a video project, Clear Vision has produced hours of video material, featuring interviews and talks by Sangharakshita and various other Order members, documentaries covering a wide range of Buddhist life, from the work of the Karuna Trust and Clear Visions meetings with the much celebrated and loved Dhardo Rimpoche. 

Featured Album here: Sangharakshita’s Teachers