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Interreligious Climate Pilgrimage

The Oslo Buddhist Centre teams up with the Church of Norway to organize an Interreligious Pilgrimage with dialogue around different faith engagement with their responses to climate change


Sangharakshita’s Death and Funeral

Born in London in 1925, Sangharakshita dedicated his adult life to communicating the Buddha Dharma in the West and in India.
At age 93 his funeral took place at his home Adhisthana in Hereford, England.

Adhisthana International Course 2018

In October 2018, Adhisthana offered its first International Retreat in order to form connections between those holding responsibility within Triratna all over the world, and to offer the participants further training and skills in their positions

Buddhafield East Cafe

Buddhafield East Cafe goes from strength to strength, moving to the heart of the field at this years Buddhafield Festival. We spent a few days with them to see how they make baking cakes into a spiritual practice

Suryavana Retreat Centre

Suryavana is the new retreat centre of the Valencia Buddhist Centre, Spain. Hadayasiri and Dharmakirti share their experience of going on retreat and their enthusiasm for this new adventure for the Sangha in Valencia and for Triratna in Mainland Europe.

Lama’s Pyjamas

Lama’s Pyjamas is the charity shop of the London Buddhist Centre. This Newsbyte visits a successful team-based Right Livelihood project in the heart of Bethnal Green.
For more information about the project visit

International Council Meeting 2018

In February 2018, members of the Triratna Buddhist Order from around the world gathered at Bhaja in India for the 5th Triratna International Council. 
Get talks, videos and more resources from the 2018 International Council

International Order Convention 2018

International Order Convention at Bodh Gaya, India February 2018

Ordinations under The Bodhi Tree

On Saturday 3rd of February 2018. Two ordinations took place in the Mahabodhi Temple, under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, India.

The New Colchester Buddhist Centre

In November 2017 Clear Vision went to visit the new Colchester Buddhist Centre to hear from the Chair, Amalaketu, about the acquiring of the building, the renovation, and how Triratna is flourishing there.

Dāna Cafe, Sheffield

A few sangha members from Sheffield start up a new Buddhist run business in the city; a vegetarian cafe called Dāna. Clear Vision spends a day with them hard at work and we hear about the setting up of the project.

Barcelona Buddhist Centre

We visited our friends in Barcelona as they unveil their brand new Buddhist Centre. 23 October 2017.

A new centre for Southampton

On the 2nd weekend of September 2017, the well established Southampton sangha officially opened the doors of its first centre. Chair Sudharshini tells us about the project and the celebrations.

Green Earth Awakening

Green Earth Awakening is a Buddhafield project which seeks to draw out the more ‘Engaged Buddhism’ element of the festival, where Buddhists, non Buddhists and activists and campaigners in various areas come together for a few days camping in the Blackdown Hills in Devon, UK.

A new shrine at Adhisthana

In August 2017 at the Combined Order weekend a new shrine was dedicated at Adhisthana.

Green Earth Awakening

Green Earth Awakening is a Buddhafield project which seeks to draw out the more ‘Engaged Buddhism’ element of the festival, where Buddhists, non Buddhists and activists and campaigners in various areas come together for a few days camping in the Blackdown Hills in Devon, UK.

The first European Mainland Young Buddhists Convention

In June 2017, Buddhistisches Tor Berlin hosted the first European Mainland Young Buddhist Convention, attended by 70 young people aged from 18 to 35. Organiser Hannah and contributor Prasadacharin tell us all about the event.

Triratna 50th Anniversary celebrations

On April 8th 2017 Triratna Day was celebrated around the world as the 50th anniversary of its founding in 1967. We visit Sheffield for the Northern English celebration, Adhisthana, Dhanakosa in Scotland and Essen for the Western European events in Germany.
Thanks to Suryaprabha for his Lights in the Sky videos, to Ben Linsey-Bloom for organising footage from Adhisthana, Shantiketu for Dhanakosa and Frank Mählen from Essen.

Triratna Gender Diverse Buddhists

In December 2016, the Triratna Gender Diverse group met for a day of study and sangha at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Kamalanandi shares his own story of transitioning, and explains how and why the group was set up.

International Buddhist Youth Convention

In October 2016, the National Network of Buddhist Youth held their 2nd International Buddhist Youth Convention at Bordharan in India, attended by Order members and GFR mitras from all around the world.

Social Engagement and Liberation Conference

In October 2016, a conference on social engagement and Liberation took place at Nagaloka in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Dr Amberdkar conversion to Buddhism.

The Forest Garden: Hridayabija

Since 2010 Sagaravajra has been creating a Pure Land in the form of a Forest Garden in a small field in East Devon, UK.

Manchester Buddhist Centre – 20 years in the city

The sangha of the Manchester Buddhist Centre celebrates 20 years in the Northern Quarter of the city, and we look back at its history

The new Vajrasana Retreat Centre

The London Buddhist Centre launch their new improved retreat centre

Mainland Convention 2015

In July 2015 Triratna held its first Mainland European Convention, attended by over 80 Oder Members from 13 different countries

Valencia 25th Anniversary

In November 2015, the Valencia Buddhist Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary.

It was the first Triratna Buddhist Centre in a Spanish-speaking country.

Retreating in Mexico

Upekshamati tells us about five recent back to back, and even simultatious, retreats!

Bed & Breakfast Retreat in Nottingham

In November 2015 Nottingham Buddhist Centre hosted their 5th B&B retreat, with sangha members opening their homes up to friends and strangers from other Triratna sanghas.

Subhuti in India

Twice a year Dharmachari Subhuti leaves Snowdonia, Wales for India. His winter 2014/15 visit would last 85 days, include 12 retreats and cover over 3000 miles. It would begin at Bhaja, Maharashtra and conclude at the place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.
Running time: 80 minutes
A film by Mokshapriya

A New Centre for the Shrewsbury Sangha

The long established Shrewsbury Sangha open their own Buddhist Centre and look back upon the renovation project.

8th Young Buddhists Retreat

In October 2015 the 8th International Young Buddhist retreat took place in Adhisthana where Singhamati handed on her responsibilities as Young Buddhists coordinator. This project has grown substantially and is consolidating its place in Triratna.

Bodh Gaya International Order Retreat

In February 2015 an International Order Retreat took place at the Three Jewels Centre at Bodh Gaya. Subhuti led the retreat with a team from India and the West.

Karuna Phone Campaign

In Spring of 2015 a team of volunteers spent six weeks at Karuna Trust Office in London giving the opportunity to the supporters to increase their donations for some of the poorest people in India.
For more information about Karuna visit
This video features the song “Menilmontant” by Latché Swing, available under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 France License.

Celebrating the Arts at Adhisthana

In August 2015 Adhisthana hosted its biggest gathering yet. Attended by over 400 people, the UK and Ireland Order Weekend, entitled ‘Conscious Surrender to the Beautiful’, was three days of celebration, in the heart of Elgar Country, of the Arts created by members of the Triratna Buddhist  Order, and was held to mark Sangharakshita’s 90th birthday.

A Buddhist chaplain in Manchester

Amitasuri is a Buddhist chaplain in Manchester

Amoghalila and the Street Angels

Amoghalila goes out into the nightlife of Bolton with the Street Angels, to offer assistance to any nighttime revelers who may be a little worse for wear.

Nagaloka Buddhist Centre, Portland Maine

Naghabodhi visits the Nagaloka Buddhist centre in Portland Maine US. Part of NewsByte 1, May 2014

Danabhadri on cooking at Danakosha

One of Danakoshas cooks, Danabhadri, talks about cooking as a practice.

8 Step Recovery: Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction

Vimalasara aka Valerie Mason-John talks about her book ‘8 Step Recovery’ and with co-writer Paramabandhu, gives a workshop at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.

The opening weekend of Adhisthana

Adhisthana, the new home of the Triratna Buddhist community, hosts its opening weekend in August 2013.

Metta Vihara, Holland

Talking about metta, or loving kindness, they shared their inspiration for their new retreat centre in Holland.

A Place of Practice

Clear Vision returns to the Sangharakshita Land Project in June 2013, to see how work is progressing. Now unveiled as ‘Adhisthana’, the grand opening and dedication is just weeks away.

Nagpur Buddha Festival

Talking about metta, or loving kindness, they shared their inspiration for their new retreat centre in Holland.